Multiserve Mediation is a Utah-based company. We specialize in all types of mediation services from family disputes such as divorce or custody, to complex business or personal injury conflicts. Although we specialize inĀ large and intricate disagreements, we are not too big for small claims issues. Regardless of your situation, we can help.

With offices in Provo and Salt Lake City, Multiserve Mediation and our professionally trained mediators are on the cutting edge of mediation and other alternative dispute resolutionĀ (ADR) methods. Multiserve Mediation is considered an industry leader in mediation services.

Our vision at Multiserve Mediation is this: To help our clients resolve their disputes in a timely and affordable manner, so they can move on with their lives. That is why at Multiserve Mediation we say, “Mediate, and move on.”

For a FREE CONSULTATION simply call: 1-800-513-3631.